Blogging and Blog Hosting

Blogging and Blog Hosting

A reader sent me a couple of interesting questions which I think is worthy of its own blog post. The question is related to blog hosting (or blog site hosting).

1. How much does web hosting cost you annually?

Annually, it costs me about $84 for the hosting and $9 for each domain name at Host Monster . Host Monster has a promo now, $1 cheaper than regular rates, so you might want to buy now.

Beware of hosting companies who offer very cheap plans.  Sometimes their services are also cheap.

2. If your web hosting plan says you have a choice for multiple domains, does it mean you can have a second and possibly a third blog at no additional cost?

The short answer is yes.

The long answer is:

Yes, you can have multiple blogs at no additional cost. The blog software/application itself is free. You only pay extra if you decide to buy a new domain name (about $9 for each domain). See, you have two options when installing blogs:

You can use a sub-domain. Sub-domains are “children” of your main domain and you don’t pay extra for this. For example, you have a blog site with a domain named “”. On this blog, you rant about anything under the sun. If you decide to also blog about food, you can install an additional blog and name it “”. If you decide to also blog about your travels you can install an additional blog and name it “”. And so on and so forth. These additional blog installations won’t cost you extra.

You can use an entirely new domain. If you are picky like me, you will want an entirely new domain. So, in addition to “”, you can also blog about food and name it “”. For travel, maybe “”. And so on and so forth. These additional blog installations won’t cost you extra BUT you pay for the new domain names (,, etc.)

By the way, most web hosting companies nowadays have a control panel that automates all wordpress blog installations. If a web hosting company doesn’t provide automated installations, fuggedaboutit. Yes, forget about it.

3. What web hosting company do you recommend? Seven months with Host Monster, would say you got a good deal?

So far, I haven’t had any troubles with Host Monster. I like that it’s cheap and it has a chat feature where you can ask for help. Like most hosting companies, it automates the installation of WordPress. Overall, I recommend Host Monster.

Here’s the catch though.  As your traffic grows, your sites start to freeze and return all kinds of errors. This kind of situation defines which web hosting company has the better service and hosting plans.

You need to upgrade your plan ASAP and if you can do that quickly and without data loss, then that hosting company is just the right one for you.

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