Blogging makes people happy

Blogging makes people happy

Apparently, blogging makes people happy. I agree a little.

I guess it’s understandable that some shy people get out of their shell when chatting, blogging or updating their social networking sites. In fact, I know somebody (my elementary school classmate, I don’t know if she knows me) who was very reserved. By accident, I came across her web site 10 years ago and blogging was not a hit then. Her words in her Web site “betrayed” how I knew her then. I didnt’ know that she was very articulate. Looking back, it seems to me now that she is a natural writer who really has a passion for writing. Her words were bubbly, highly contrasting her silent demeanor. I e-mailed her but she never replied.

The Internet also makes everything highly accessible. You can say anything without having to open your mouth or standing in front of a crowd. Naturally, there’s a great chance somebody is “listening” (reading), which leads to a great chance somebody will be interacting. This makes networking, collaboration or discussion faster than actual personal contact.

That is why I agree a little that blogging makes people happy… that is until the blogger starts to monetize. When the blogger tries to monetize via advertisements, his/her focus would be divided between writing/interacting and making money. When this happens, there will be long stretches where the blogger won’t be that happy. When he/she eats, all that he/she can think of is “monetize”. When he/she takes a leak, he/she thinks “monetize”. When he/she…. You get the drift.

For some time the blogger will not be that happy… that is until he/she starts earning. And my guess is that he/she will be happy again.

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  1. oi, the great SEL is here. I am beginning to love blogging too and you’re one of the masters of blogging I am trying to emulate. ^:)^

  2. mujhe bohat khushi howi hai apka maizgn parh ke koi hai jo sindh ka awaz aewano tak pohnchane men sindhi awam ki madad krne ko taiyar hai i proud to be in sindh

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