Cebu Pacific Reserved Seats

Cebu Pacific Reserved Seats

Cebu Pacific Reserved SeatsI booked  Cebu Pacific plane tickets for my wife and 2 of our employees yesterday and was surprised to see a reserved seating feature!  I LOVE IT!

It’s like watching a movie at Greenbelt 3 and clicking (to reserve) your desired seat straight from your computer.

I really love this feature because I was not built for travelling.  I get nauseous when I ride a bus, a boat or a plane.

In buses, I have to sit near the front part of the bus, beside a window to avoid vomitting.  I also avoid riding a bus with tinted windows because not seeing the outside clearly makes me dizzy.

In boats, well, wherever you sit or sleep you get nauseous so I just jack up Bonamine tablets like crazy.

In planes, I choose the window seat because sitting on the aisle makes me feel boxed and trapped in. Yes, I am claustrophobic.

With this new reserved seating feature, I don’t have to go that early to the airport to “jock for window seat position”.

I am still pro-PAL but I wonder, when are these guys going to catch up in terms of efficient online ticketing service?

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  1. Hi! I am Camille Heimbrod, I work as a writer at Gatchie & Partners Inc., Cebu Pacific’s external Public Relations agency. I am very pleased to read your blog about one of CEB’s newest services – the reserved seat booking. If it’s okay with you, I would like to use your blog / experience in one of our press releases. I hope you can send me a reply of approval regarding this via email.

    Thank you very much and I hope you continue flying via Cebu Pacific. 🙂