Criselda Volks Scandal Video

Criselda Volks Scandal Video

The latest pinay scandal to hit the World Wide Web is the Criselda Volks Scandal video. I really don’t know Criselda Volks so I don’t know if indeed it was her. No, I haven’t seen the video, which may be titled Criselda Volks Scandal. To clarify, I don’t know if the title is the Criselda Volks Scandal. I just made that up. If the tile of the video indeed is the Criselda Volks Scandal, then so be it.

Pinoys are really into pinay scandals, aren’t they?

I feel for Criselda Volks. First of all, how did this video, which I am referring to herein as the Criselda Volks Scandal materialize?

Did Criselda Volks allow herself to be recorded ala Paris Hilton? Was Criselda Volks being video-ed without her knowledge or permission? I heard somewhere that Criselda Volks still hasn’t made a statement confirming nor denying the Criselda Volks Scandal.

14 Responses

  1. bullshit man! u don’t know criselda, then why the hell are posting blogs ’bout her? your an ass dude!

  2. maybe if you have a single mom that wants a bright future for her son, she will do everything just to give you a good future. Blame men who don’t have the balls to be responsible.

  3. i recently watched her series of videos. I also wanted to write about it but I realized that my blog is already full of pinay scandal posts.

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