PLDT myDSL Crisis

PLDT myDSL Crisis

For almost a month now, my PLDT DSL has been slow and intermittent.  I subscribed for the 384kbps package (Plan 990) but I get only about 100 to 200 kbps download speeds using PC PitstopSpeedTest.Net, on the other hand, shows 300 to 400 kbps download speed.

At first glance, you may say that the Speedtest.Net is showing normal speed as advertised.  However, you have to know that with SpeedTest.Net, you are testing your connection from your local area to a PLDT network server somewhere in Makati.

This is misleading.  PLDT representatives (and other ISP reps)  *might* tell you that surfing domestic sites (sites hosted on Philippine servers) should be fine and surfing international sites is expected to be less than the advertised DSL speed since these sites are geographically farther.  This is hogwash.  About 98% of web sites are hosted internationally (mostly in the United States).  OK, 98% is just a guess but you get the point – there just aren’t that many sites hosted in the Philippines.  So, when you subscribe for an Internet connection, you are planning to visit international sites!

Besides, with today’s technologies, geographical location has got nothing to do with connection speed.

That is why I prefer to use PC Pitstop for testing my DSL speed.  It tests your connection from your local area to an international server.  It’s the whole point of having a DSL connection, to be able to access international sites with ease.

Having said all of those, I still think I can live with about 100kbps bandwidth but the intermittent connection just kills me.   It messes up my MMORP Games.  How can I level up as fast as I would like to? It makes me inefficient with my work.  My work relies on a stable Internet connection.

I would like to upgrade my connection to, say, 2mbps, so maybe I can get actual speeds of 300 to 500 kbps.  Also, maybe upgrading will force local PLDT technicians to look into my infrastructure.  What do you think? Novel idea? Overacting?  However, even having a 2mpbs plan is not a guarantee.

Even if that plan works, my wife won’t allow me.  She says I’m just doing this to satisfy my network gaming needs.  She doesn’t believe I’m just planning the upgrade so she can download movies faster and I can work more efficiently.  Well, I forgot she’s really not a big fan of movie downloads.  Neither am I, by the way.

So, why is this happening MVP?  MVP, of course, is Manny V. Pangilinan.  If you don’t know him, just Google him.  Ever since MVP took over PLDT and SMART, both companies have shown great progress.

I almost forgot to mention that we live in a condo building that only has PLDT as the telephone/DSL option.  So, I’m stuck.  I would like to transfer to Bayan DSL, which has its own problems though not as catastrophic as PLDT’s,  but it’s just not possible.  I have Bayan DSL set up in our store/office and it’s another horrifying experience altogether.

Maybe it’s Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s fault again?

Wait a minute!  I think I know where the problem is.  I am subscribed to the wrong plan.  I think I got the 384bps plan.  Yes, it’s not 384kbps.  It’s 384 bps.  Look at the screenshot below, taken from the PLDT myDSL site.


Ah, life.  It’s fun, ain’t it?

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  1. Nothing gets a blogger to snap to attention faster than when you foul up his internet connection speed. What’s a guy to do? His MMORP games – er, professional work is in peril!

    Paging MVP, this guy’s almost at the end of his wits. Do straighten out your service, okay?

    Hush-hush: Eh kasi naman po, you’re living in a condo tapos ganun naman pala internet plan mo. What’s with that. “,)

  2. Same problem here with my business plan 2mbps yet intermittent connection.. I agree with you PLDT suchs especially their service…….. especially during the afternoon until night.

  3. me too. only this past week our connection was intermittent, but for 1 and a half years now, its been really fast. I also have the plan 990, but i dont know what happened, and i live in sta cruz laguna, so not that many people here have dsl, so maybe i could discount the idea that more neighbors with dsl equals poor connection.

  4. The problem was with their “platform”. My account got fixed last May. I called them everyday until it got fixed.

  5. oo nga! badtrip sana nag iba nalang akong dsl provider! dame! im wasting my money in this dsl plan!

  6. @reinhard: I have no other options. Bayantel also has its own problems. I have Bayantel in our office. Every 11am up to the afternon, my supposedly 768kbps becomes 100+kbps.

    Globelines, I’ve heard is not stable in Davao yet. Smart Bro… is Smart Bro.

    I forgot to mention that our condo building only has infrastructure for PLDT lines. So, we are forced to use PLDT.

  7. ang binabayaran ko is 990 for the 384kbps but the way i’m seeing it is parang may limiter sila kc i only get 50kbps. it’s a waste of money… pldt should work on a resolution because they are cheating their customers and that’s bad customer experience. bobo yata mga engeneers nila.. hoy!!! ayusin nyo connection nyo…

  8. Hi Kervin,

    Feeling ko di lang nila alam na mabagal ang connection mo. Pag ni-reklamo mo, after ilang hours or days bumabalik naman sa dati.

    Yun lang, kelangan mo i-reklamo pa.

  9. Alam nila na mabagal ang connection. Tapos when you call them mag drama pa sila. Mag pa. When I was actually getting 7 kb/s while downloading a file, said 1 Mb/s.

  10. Watch out for, because the default server selected to test your connection with is the nearest one to you (for example, a server in Manila). Obviously, connection to this server is faster. You have to test your connection to a server stateside, say, Los Angeles or San Francisco since most websites are hosted in the States.


  12. Hey guys, haven’t you checked the words “up to”… please take note of the “up to”… it doesn’t say any 384k guarantee

  13. Yeah, xyano. It’s a very convenient marketing ploy – to say “up to”. So, if the speed is only, say 33kbps, they’re still off the hook.

  14. I say this is the most silly rant I ever set up my eyes with.

    also even with the latest technology “geographical location has everything to do with your virtual connection speed.”

    I LOL’ed when you say “it has nothing…” ever heard of dead packets? of milestones? yes even if you got t3 connection (which I have) location is still a factor with most of the sites I visited.

    Lets’ say I am using rapidshare and if by chance I got connected to their german servers hosted of course in Germany then from my location (which is The PI) connects to a world server in SG then RX/TX Signals another server which it finds “nearest” so we assume it finds India as nearest then from India RX/TX to France and finally to Germany… With this process cycle we tend to get Request Timed Out which literally means dead packets it is a dead connection mainly because the server being contacted is either way too busy to entertain your call or is down.

    I hoped I answered your little misendeavours in the virtual world

  15. I admit “it has nothing…” may be far-fetched. I meant to say that geographical location should not be a *major* factor.

    Dead packets is one thing but having consistent low net speeds is another.

    Also, I don’t know about “most silly rant”. I guess you haven’t read enough “rants” in the Net.