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Buffet Restaurant in Davao City – Zabs Buffet Restaurant

Buffet Restaurant in Davao City – Zabs Buffet Restaurant

There’s a new buffet restaurant in Davao City that will be opening on 8.8.11.  That is August 8, 2011.

A lot of buffet restaurants are sprouting in the city so what makes this special?  They are serving a number of dishes in Cooking Stations – pick a food and they cook it “in front” of you, although you can choose to wait in your seat.

Zabs Buffet Restaurant is also serving crabs a la carte.  You can choose how the crab cooked – Steamed Chili Garlic, Fried and Thick Sauced.

Beach Vacation in the Philippines: Mindanao Islands

Beach Vacation in the Philippines: Mindanao Islands

If you need to search or share experiences regarding your vacations here in the island of Mindanao, Philippines, go to Mindanao Isles.

If you haven’t been in the islands, you can browse the site for information on where and when to go.  If you already have, you can share your experience by suggesting places to go and giving feedback.

Mindanao is a very large island in the Philippines.  It is littered with small islands fit for beach vacations.

Davao House For Sale

Davao House For Sale

Our old (but really not old) house is for sale. We renovated it two years ago and it really has a beautiful interior. See the pictures at http://www.flickr.com/thetonex.

The house is located at Greenmeadows Subdivision, Mintal, Davao City. It’s near schools – U.P. Mindanao, Philippine Science High, Holy Cross, Holy Child, etc.

The street/lot location is wonderful. It’s near (yet far enough) a 24-hour mini mart and the neighbors are friendly and always in festive mood.

Will you please buy our house? You know you want to.

Here’s the updated price:

Cash Price: P1,300,000.00
Assume Price: P600,000.00
Monthly Ammortization: P3,186.00
Years to Pay: 11 years plus

Lot Area: 150 sq.m.
Floor Area: 100 sq.m.

Davao Conchin Textile

Davao Conchin Textile

Davao Conchin Textile Trading is a textile store in Davao City that specializes in office and school uniforms and their accessories.

For your textile, buttons, zipper, thread and other tailoring accessory needs in Davao City or anywhere in the Philippines, Davao Conchin Textile Trading is the store that can help you the most.

Its salespersons are very knowledgeable in textile, buttons, zippers, threads and other tailoring accessories. Moreover, its salespersons know which textile is for which school, division or regional uniform (for public school teachers and government employees).

Davao Conchin Textile Trading also offers free office or school uniform designs.

For wholesale orders, Davao Conchin Textile Trading can also provide you with any textile need you may think of, including plain t-shirts, special cloths, etc.  Just visit their site to contact them.