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Tina’s post had my competitive juices flowing. A typing speed test, eh? The last time I “won” a typing speed test was in high school circa 1992 (16 years, that’s a long, looong time). Yes, it was in typing class and, of course, the exercise was required by our teacher. Keep Reading

blog ex machina

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Welcome! I don’t know what to say except… I just need to get this first post out of the way. I’m like a virgin right now. This is my very first time (sort of).

Alright, what do you expect to read from this blog? I don’t know. Anything under the sun. I think I’m going to blog about technology… life …food?… dreams… thoughts.. jokes… current events… anything.

In the next couple of months I’ll also be re-designing this blog visually and functionally. I think I have the tools to do this but I will need all the luck (and patience) I can get.

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