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Cebu Pacific Reserved Seats

Cebu Pacific Reserved Seats

Cebu Pacific Reserved SeatsI booked  Cebu Pacific plane tickets for my wife and 2 of our employees yesterday and was surprised to see a reserved seating feature!  I LOVE IT!

It’s like watching a movie at Greenbelt 3 and clicking (to reserve) your desired seat straight from your computer.

I really love this feature because I was not built for travelling.  I get nauseous when I ride a bus, a boat or a plane.

In buses, I have to sit near the front part of the bus, beside a window to avoid vomitting.  I also avoid riding a bus with tinted windows because not seeing the outside clearly makes me dizzy.

In boats, well, wherever you sit or sleep you get nauseous so I just jack up Bonamine tablets like crazy. Read the rest of this entry

Cebu Pacific Promo Fare

Cebu Pacific Promo Fare

I checked the flight schedules of Cebu Pacific in the Internet because we are sending two of our employees to Iloilo.  One will be flying from Davao and the other from Cebu.

I checked the Cebu to Iloilo schedule first.

Click. Click. Click. Click. Click. Click.  “Uy, 1 peso lang.”, I said. Click. Total amount to pay: Php 1,049.44

Hmmm.  Nawala ang piso.

But still, Php 1,049.44 from Cebu to Iloilo is not that bad. I just wish they were very clear about that from the beginning.

Also, I don’t think “every juan” can fly with Php 1,049.44.

Tropical Storm Cosme

Tropical Storm Cosme

tropical-storm-cosme.gifI’m supposed to fly to Manila with my wife today but Cosme told us not to go. We just met Cosme and he’s influencing our decisions already? What an arrogant prick.

Metro Manila is on signal no.1 alert – I sure don’t want to go somewhere “trying to signal me not to go”. This reminds me yet again of how I love Davao – the weather, the food, the people. Davao truly is the place to be.

If you’re a frequent traveler here in the Philippines, you may find these links useful for weather forecasts:

I was also hoping those links could forecast the mood of my wife.

(Photo is courtesy of PAGASA.)