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Your Purpose In Life

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A funny thing happened to me about two months ago.  I was searching the Net for one’s purpose in life.  You know, sometimes you get tired of doing the same things no matter how varied they may be.  Did I just contradict myself? No.  Sometimes, even if you have a job or a business that doesn’t require routine work, you still feel that it’s still routine.

To illustrate, I think a programmer’s work is not as routine as a bank teller’s work.  A programmer encounters various challenges in the course of his/her software development – should I use this particular programming language, for which hardware should I program this software against, my boss wants this particular functionality.  And everyday the challenges evolve. And every few months or so, the projects change.

A bank teller, on the other hand, usually involves processing client deposits and withdrawals. In my opinion, the only challenge a bank teller encounters is how to balance his/her handled money against the book balance. In a course of a year, there’s a great chance a bank teller does the same things over and over again.

However, both a programmer and a bank teller does what they do in a routine way. Wake up in the morning. Prepare for work. Go to work. Work. Eat lunch. Prepare to go home. Go home. Eat supper. Go to sleep. And both of them does it again the next day.  That’s the routine I’m talking about.

So anyway, back to my point.  I was searching the Net for one’s purpose in life. Yeah, I already read “Purpose Driven Life” and I must say the book made sense, but I wanted more motivation.

I came across a site that asks you to write down all that the things you think is your purpose in life. It says that the one that makes you cry is the one!  Of course, I didn’t write them all down because I ws too lazy to do it but I made a list in my mind.  Most of my thoughts revolved around my wife, my mother, our pets, our employees, the foundations and churches we support, etc.

The “finalists” were my mother and my wife.  I thought, hmmm, my mother is old now and will need the help she can need.  Hmmm, my wife is very stressed out in our business, my life is probably designed to support her. (Yes, she started our business and so she’s the one directly affected.)  And I’m crazy about my wife, she thinks I’m annoying.

Then, I scrolled down the article I was reading.  The author said his purpose in life was “To live consciously and courageously, to resonate with love and compassion, to awaken the great spirits within others, and to leave this world in peace.

I said to myself, “What the hell is that??”

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